Self-made collinear antenna

After trying some antennas for DVB-T (active and passive ones) with mixed results I tried to build my own collinear antenna.

Required Items:

  • 2m Coaxial-cable ~2€
  • Electrical conduit ~0,50€
  • some cable ties
  • duct tape

Information about collinear ADS-B Antenna:
General information about collinear antennas: 
Youtube video on build process: 


TSQL Cheatsheet

Tables in DB

SELECT count(*) FROM sys.objects WHERE Type_desc= 'USER_TABLE' AND is_ms_shipped <> 1

Delete all indexes in DB


Declare @Index varchar(128)
Declare @Table varchar(128)

SysIndexes.Name As 'Index',
SysObjects.Name As 'Table'
Inner Join SysObjects On =
SysIndexes.Name Is Not Null
and SysObjects.XType = 'U'
Order By

While (Select Count(*) From #Indexes) > 0
Set @Index = (Select Top 1 [Index] From #Indexes)
Set @Table = (Select Top 1 [Table] From #Indexes)

--Print 'Drop Index [' + @Index + '] On [' + @Table + ']' + Char(13)
Exec ('Drop Index [' + @Index + '] On [' + @Table + ']')
Delete From #Indexes Where [Index] = @Index and [Table] = @Table

Drop Table #Indexes

Reactivating Windows 10 upgrade

After a Mainboard and CPU change (caused by defect) Windows 10 prompted, that there is no valid activation. When trying to activate, Windows returns, that the key has been deactivated.

This way to recover the system without data-loss worked fine for me:

  • Create an empty partition (I resized one disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard free
  • Install Windows 7 with SP1 on this epty partition (took around 20 mins)
  • Activate Windows 7
  • Update Windows 7 to Windows 10 (took another 20 mins)
  • Check for valid activation
  • Boot to original Windows 10 (eventually use EasyBCD to correct BCD
  • On second reboot of Windows 10 activation showed active again (I am not sure if it needs 2 reboots or just takes more time)