Keeping Keepass in Sync between PC and Adroid Clients via Owncloud

1. Try - using KeePassDroid

No sync features at all


2. Try - using keypass2android and owcloud-sync-folder

  1. Put keepass.kdbx on Owncloud folder
  2. Open on Owcloud Client and choose "keep in Sync"

    +Straight forward
    -  Have to open Owncloud-Client on Android before opeining to make sure DBs are synced
    ~ Not sure if sync works when file is open on moret than one clients

 3. Try - using keypass2android and webdav access

  1. Open your kdbx-file via WEBDAV link - e.g.

    + no need to sync - direct acces to remote file
    - error messages (transactions) when editing file from 2 sides - can be suppressed by disabling option "Filetransactions" keepass2android - be careful!! Make sure you have backups!

 For me 3. solution works fine now - always make sure to close and safe - keep in mind, where the last changes were done